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Sanremo Opera 2.0 Coffee Machine

Arguably the greatest coffee machine ever built!

Designed by an international team of world-leading baristas the Opera 2.0 commercial espresso machine boasts unchallenged technological advances and makes a stunning focal point for any coffee bar or roastery.  Specifically developed to make it easy for speciality coffee shops to showcase multi offerings and deliver good volumes of precision coffee.

This technology also delivers outstanding energy efficiency performance, making the Opera 2 a clear environmentally-friendly market leader.

Sanremo Cafe Racer
Sanremo Cafe Racer
Technical Data2 Group3 Group
Voltage (V)220/240 1N
380/415 3N
220/240 1N
380/415 3N
Power Input (KW)7.78.75
Steam Boiler Capacity (lt)810
Services boiler resistance power (Kw)3.8 3.8
External Pump Power (kW) 0.15 0.15
Preheating Boiler Capacity (lt)2.8 2.8
Preheating Boiler Resistance Power (kW)1.61.6
Cup-heater Power (KW)0.20.25
Units Boiler Capacity (lt)1.02.4
Units boiler resistance power (Kw)1.62.4
Net Weight (Kg)91113
Gross Weight (with shipping crate) (kg)138169.5
Width (inches/mm)29.3/745 40.9/1040