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Sanremo SR83 EVO Coffee-Grinder


Sanremo’s best selling coffee grinder

Commercial Coffee Grinders available from Gower Coffee Company.

Popular for a reason, the SR83 EVO’s super-fast grinding technology and 83mm burrs maintain exceptional grind consistency to maximise coffee freshness.

Excellent coffee begins with the perfect grind. The Sanremo grinder range was created to provide consistent, high quality grind at an affordable price.

SANREMO-SR83 Coffee Grinder
Sanremo SR83
Technical DataDetails
Power (W)650
Burrs ()flat
Burr diameter (mm) 83
Motor speed 50Hz (rpm) 1350
Motor speed 60Hz (rpm) 1550
Hopper Capacity (KG) 1.5
Net weight (KG)20
Width (mm) 230
Height (mm)679
Depth (mm)270