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About Gower Coffee

About Gower Coffee

Who We Are A little about Gower Coffee

About Gower Coffee

My name is Marcus Luporini and I am an Italian living on the Gower. I came up with the Gower Coffee Company by mixing two huge passions of mine; coffee and surfing.
For nearly 50 years my family have been running Swansea’s famous Kardomah café where Dylan Thomas met with the ‘Kardomah Gang’ and used the café to inspire some of his work.

This is where my extensive knowledge of coffee began, the café sells over 30 different coffees, including Gower Coffee. I have surfed all around the world but nowhere is quite like the Gower: Its beauty and diversity is unrivalled. I am lucky to have lived and surfed here for most of my life.
About Gower Coffee

Why Gower Coffee..

Our philosophy is simple; good quality coffee at an affordable price.
We have 10 different blends including a decaffeinated, each of them matching and named after a surf break of the Gower.

These blends range in strength and style, from easy beach breaks to gnarly reefs. To give an example; the Three Cliffs Bay wave is steady and mellow with the associated coffee a medium strength, smooth, all day blend.

The Details It's what we do best

About Gower Coffee


Coffee Blends

We have 10 different blends for you. When we create a coffee blend, we perfect it several times to make it right.


Years In the industry

With 50 years of hospitality within the family, including the Kardomah Cafe in Swansea, we at Gower Coffee have the expertise to to help you achieve the taste you are striving for.

Secure Ordering

Naturally, we offer safe and secure ordering. We use sha-256 secure socket layer and secure payment gateways, ensuring that your data is safe with us.



About Gower Coffee