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Some frequently asked questions about delivery and subscriptions from Gower Coffee

To add more than one Pick & Mix offer is easy.
Imagine that you’re in a supermarket and have two baskets but can add only 3 bags of sugar in each one. You add the bags to the first basket, then add another three to the second basket.
The same principle applies here. Once you have added 3 x bags of your favourite Gower Coffee’s to your basket, if you wish to have more, you simply visit the Pick & Mix link once more, and add whichever mix you’d like.
When you check your basket, you will see you then have two sets of Pick & Mix, with the chosen coffees you desire, equalling six bags in total.
In essence; 2 Pick & Mixes equals six bags of coffee and so on.

If your payment was declined, it could be due to a few reasons. You may have entered some details in, incorrectly. You may have some other payments due out of your account and this was blocked.
However, we also do know that if you try to use guest checkout using a credit card, without having an account – this may cause issues.
Your credit card issuer uses authentication methods to prevent fraud. So they need additional information to prevent fraudulent use of your card. As such you may need to create an account with us. It’s not a fault with the site or your end, but your credit card issuer requesting further information over the validity of the use.

Updated: 10/08/21
We now have updated our subscription model, where you can not only choose to subscribe to your favourite Gower Coffee, but also the frequency too.
You can have your coffee delivered to your door; weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
Simply visit your preferred coffee and select the preferences from there.

Our subscriptions are based on a monthly, recurring payment and shipping model. The day you subscribe, your subscription will run and be charged on the same day each month.
We will automatically handle everything for you and your subscription is good until cancelled.
You can also choose different subscription types by upgrading or downgrading your subscriptions. To do so, simply visit your subscriptions page (Here) and then manage them from there.

Where possible, we try to use coffee which is Fairtrade, Organic and Soil Association approved. The farmers work hard and some of the programmes help the farmers and their families.
That said, not all of our coffee will be. You can res assured though that our coffees are from excellent farms, from all over the globe.

We will always make a note in the coffees description, if it’s any of the above.

All of our postage is done with Royal Mail’s 2nd class shipping. This is to keep shopping costs as low as possible.

We send out our coffee every day, usually we send the same day. We aim to get all of the orders out within 48 hours. Shipping is calculated based on packet amounts and will be calculated at Checkout. If you purchase 3 x bags, we ship under one cost. If it goes over then the shipping fees will increase in increments.

If you don’t receive your coffee within two working days, please let us know and we will check the order status for you.